Nutritional medicine

Nutritional medicine is an evidence based holistic practice which treats using a variety of dietary and lifestyle measures.
Whether you have a current diagnosed medical condition, would like to improve your overall well-being, or would just like help to improve your diet, working with a clinical nutritionist could be for you!
Example of what a clinical nutritionist can work with:

  • Digestive symptoms & conditions - allergies/intolerances, IBS, appetite, stomach upset, etc.

  • Mental Health - anxiety, depression, stress

  • Pregnancy & infancy

  • Childhood - development, behavioural issues, digestion, skin

  • Skin - acne, eczema, irritation

  • Hormonal

  • Liver & kidney health

  • Weight loss/weight gain

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Athletic performance

If you have any questions on whether nutritional medicine could be beneficial for you, please contact us.

Consultation process

An initial consultation will involve reviewing what you have come to first address along with taking a full health history, a dietary review, and possible referral for further testing.
Standard appointments following this will have an individualised plan developed for you to work with you to achieve your health & well-being goals.

Treatment can include dietary changes & advice, supplementation, lifestyle changes & advice, and depending on your case possible further testing and referral to ensure you are receiving thorough evidence based treatment.